Kareela – Love & Kush were born here

Only temple in the world where only Sita mata get worshipped without lord Ram

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In the small village of Ashok Nagar district in Madhya Pradesh, there is a hail of Sita for two days in Kareela, because there is no temple of Sita in Ram! The legends associated with the grace of Kareela’s Janaki Maaya are far away – famous! There is a temple of Mother Sita in Kareela, where only Sita is worshiped! Probably this is the only temple in the country where there is Sita without Rama! In the memory of Mother Sita, there is a fair of Badia community every year, where the Bedani dance very well for mother Sita!

The Story of Sita Mata Temple

It is believed that when Lord Rama had abandoned Sita mata, then she moved to Rishi Valimiki’s ashram at Kareela ! Sita was pregnant and in this ashram she gave birth to love and kush.Birth of Love Kush was celebrated here with pomp and show including the dances of Elf! Since then, the tradition of Celebrating Love kush’s birth is going on!
There is no historical evidence associated with Sita’s storyline, but it is the fact that the people say that she was seated in Valmiki’s ashram! Lord Das Mahant, priest of Janki Temple, points out that thousands of devotees visit here on the Panch Panchami day and Badaniya performs Rai dance here!