Result and dedication of some devotees changed the aura of this area.

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Golakot Teerth is a pios highfield called “Atishay Kshetra ” in Jain Religion. Golakot is located at 8 Kms away from khaniyadhana nagar parishad of Shivpuri district nearby pichore. The mountains of Vindhyachal here are of Circular shape , thats why the place is called Golakot.

Golakot has a jain temple having statues ranging from Bhagwaan Aadinath to 24th teerthankar Bhagwan Mahaveer Swami.

One cannot imagine the development of Golakot Teerth as golakot is located in rural area of shivpuri where you cant even find a hotel in nearby 50 Km area. How will power of some peoples can change the look and future of a place can be seen here.

What you can expect at Golakot :

  • Golakot Historical Jain Temple
  • Golakot luxury hotel
  • Sant Kutir
  • Sant Shala
  • Bhojan Shala
  • Open Ampitheater
  • Helipad

You can say it Thasak of Khaniadhana.


Q How to visit Golakot ?

Its easier to reach golakot by your own vehicle of hire a taxi. Nearby railway station is Shivpuri is Jhansi, Golakot is located 8kms away from Khaniadhana of Shivpuri (M.P.)

Q How to book Golakot Hotel