At ठसक, our goal is to provide you with a variety of amazing choices to make you feel exclusive..Thats the meaning of ठसक in English , Carry your attitude and flamboyance . How do we do that? Simple! By Collecting and showing you the stuff which carries flamboyance of your City, Whether its an Old Saying , Proverb , Adage , Historical Event, Inscriptions or the personalities and modern architecture of your city. Thanks to our vibrant community of followers, we keep discovering a plethora of unique pieces through online submissions. Additionally, we’ve grown an in-house search and analysis team, which works hard to research new stuffs every day to make even the seasoned design junkies swoon.

…Keep sharing the whatever you likes

And now, as we enter into a new age of online world, we strive to remain focused on our commitment to sustainability and uniqueness. We promise to not stop working towards providing an outstanding knowledge experience to our users, make ठसक a favorite place to gather desi knowledge with, share craftsmanship from past and innovation of present , and support our community of users , researchers, and creative thinkers including you. We have a feeling the future would not be so boring after all!

After all the ठसक of the city & the country you lives in, Is your ठसक as well.